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The Providence Women’s Recovery Center, located 45 minutes north of Atlanta, Georgia, was created to fill the huge, unmet void of affordable Christian drug and alcohol rehab services for women only. Because the Women’s Center for Recovery at Rocky Face is heavily subsidized by sales from Providence Thrift Stores, as well as through the charitable contributions of our donors, the sponsorship cost has been greatly reduced to only $4,900 per participant…a savings we pass on directly to those in need.

The Providence Women’s Recovery program is a part of the Providence Ministries’ family of outreach missions. Our 90-day program works for women who are ready to commit their lives to recovery, and are open to cultivating a living relationship with Jesus Christ. This process is designed to help women heal and achieve long lasting sobriety through the gift and miracle of spiritual transformation. Since 1985, Providence Ministries has provided women who are suffering from drug and alcohol addictions the hope and help they need. It’s more than a recovery; it’s a spiritual regeneration.

At Providence Ministries, there is hope.
Certified Addiction Counselors. Relapse Prevention. Spiritual & Physical Care

For more information, please call (706) 229-7775.