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Our goal is to give each homeless and hurting man an opportunity to turn it all around, through the redeeming power of Jesus Christ, while staying at our Men’s Homeless Shelter. Every man living in the Providence Ministries’ Homeless Shelter is required to meet daily with staff, remain clean from drugs and alcohol, give back by working in Providence Thrift Stores for a few hours a day, as well as look for other outside work. The contributions of our residents to the work of Providence Ministries not only helps the daily operations, but more importantly, it instills a confidence that comes from working and interacting within a professional atmosphere.

Providence Ministries’ Men’s Homeless Shelter is on the forefronts of the fight against the homelessness epidemic in Georgia. We believe that every man deserves dignity and refuge as they attempt to put their lives back together. We have been blessed to see that with hard work, prayer, and guidance, these men can and do find a new peace and purpose.

To offset the rising cost needed to house and feed so many, please donate to our homeless shelter today. Your contributions are truly changing lives!

Are you homeless or know someone who is?

At Providence Ministries, we care!

For more information, go to Providence Ministries, or call (706) 275-0268.