Frequently Asked Questions

Shopping at Providence

Yes. All stores have dressing rooms.

We offer a Preferred Customer Card for $1.50. Each time your purchase is over $5, we will punch your card. When you card is completed, you will receive $25 off your next purchase.


We offer a large assortment of clothing, shoes, furniture, books, accessories, houseware, and more!

If you find a piece missing a tag, please bring it to the back processing area to be retagged. We will quickly price the item for you!

Please speak with a manager if you need help in this area.

Discounts and Policies

Each week, a specified color tag will be on sale 50% off.

We provide in-store credit on clothing and shoes only if the following is met:
-Tags have not been removed
-Store receipt
-Within 2 weeks of purchase

We do not offer layaway or financing.

Donating at Providence

Yes! We will gladly pick up your approved donations at home or business. Click here to request a donation pick up.

We do not purchase items from individuals; however, you are welcome to donate gently used items to help support our ministries.

We do not accept the following items:
- Anything Broken or Damaged (we are unable to make repairs)
- Pianos, Organs
- Paint, Construction Supplies
- Tires, Auto Parts
- Child Car Seats
- Baby Cribs with Sliding Rails
- Dishwashers, Gas Appliances
- School Textbooks, Sports Helmets
- Box Springs, Mattresses, Hospital Beds
- Box TVs

Click here for a complete list.